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Prescription Glasses for Kids

We know you want the best vision possible for your children, but at the rate, kids grow, they will likely need replacing every year. Thankfully, besides the hundreds of options for men and women, CheapGlasses.net also offers plenty of fun frames for kids.

We don't want our customers to compromise on quality or price with our kids' frames. Don't forget to add anti-scratch coating to keep the lenses safe from rough and tumble, or EBDBLUE digital screen protection to help shield their developing eyes from blue light emitted from digital screens. If you’re a parent, it can be a confusing task to find the right pair eyeglasses for your child. No worries! We’ve took the guesswork out of choosing kids’ eyeglasses. Our catalog is full of durable, colorful, designer frames at affordable prices. The frames are also designed for supreme comfort and optimal fit.

Here's What to Look For

Here are some other functional features to consider once you've determined the color and style you want.

  • Damage-resistant lenses: If you get delicate lenses for your child, you'll be buying new lenses every week. Our polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 times more damage-resistant and are much lighter than glass, with greater comfort to boot. We fit these lenses to the kids' prescription eyeglass frames we create to ensure you receive maximum value.
  • Resilient frames: Adaptable frames that are break-resistant are a must for your kiddos. They also prevent the eye or facial damage common with kids' eyeglass frames that aren't break-resistant. Our frames are battle-tested and sturdy enough to handle anything your kids throw at them. Literally!
  • Flexible bands: Flexible bands can be attached to the frames to ensure your kid's glasses stay put during even the roughest play. Opt for a close-fitting band to keep the frame cozily connected to the head. Or, choose a looser-fitting strap, allowing your child to remove their glasses as needed while keeping them secured around their neck. Of course, you don't want to use this kind of band with a small child.

Shop With Confidence Today

At CheapGlasses.net, we know children want cool-looking glasses and parents want durable, affordable frames with lenses that protect their developing eyes. A happy medium must be achieved. You don't need to compromise on functionality for style. And your child need not forego style for functionality. Thankfully, our extensive catalog of kids' eyeglasses strikes a delicate balance between both, ensuring smiling faces and happy wallets. Looking for adult eyeglasses?

We take great pride in our ability to deliver attractive, high-quality, and affordable products to our customers. We're so confident that we offer a 12-month Product Guarantee and a 14-day Fit & Style guarantee. If you don't absolutely adore your kid's new glasses for any reason, take full advantage of our guarantees and we'll repair, replace, or refund with no questions asked.

Check out our catalog today and discover why CheapGlasses.net  is ranked among the leading online sources for kids' eyeglasses.

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