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Prescription Glasses for Men

CheapGlasses.net has hundreds of men's eyeglasses ranging from minimalistic metal frames to trendy wayfarers and everything in between. Our collection of glasses frames for men includes unisex frames and can be filtered to better sort your needs. Metal, titanium, plastic, and wood texture materials can be found in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

After you select your favorites, virtually try them on using our Try-On tool and explore our quality lens options. As always, your glasses can be customized for reading, distance, computer, or intermediate vision. Browse our men's eyeglasses by price, newest arrivals, or bestsellers before buying online. Find the perfect frames for you.

Accessorizing With Eyeglasses for Men

Enhancing your professional or personal image no longer requires a different hairstyle or a new wardrobe. In fact, men who don’t even need glasses are accessorizing with different “non-prescription” glasses to fit every social or work occasion. Glasses that used to be considered “nerdy,” are now called “geek chic.” And they’re one of our most popular frames for men.

CheapGlasses.net’s men’s eyeglass frames come in wood texture, plastic, titanium and metallic materials. With our Try-On tool, you can also try on your glasses virtually so you know exactly what you’ll look like when wearing them. We also customize all our eyeglasses for men for improving distance or intermediate vision, using the computer and reading.

Choosing the Best Glasses for Men

While you are browsing our catalog of men's eyeglasses, think about the following to help you select the right kind of frames for you:

Are you going to wear your glasses just at work? Stick to more conservative frames for the office, but choose another, more trendy style to wear outside of work.

What is your face shape? Oval? Square? A mixture of both? This is where our EyeTryTool comes in handy, so don’t hesitate to try on a lot of frames! It’s fun and easy to quickly narrow down your choices.

If you already have glasses, what is it you like or don’t like about them?

Don't forget to check out CheapGlasses.net's line of designer frames called Cheap Eyeglasses. Outfitted with polycarbonate lenses featuring protective coatings, Cheap Eyeglasses frames are skillfully crafted using only the highest quality Italian materials. Wearing a pair our strikingly bold and trendy Cheap Eyeglasses designer frames will make you feel like you've got the world in your hands.

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